AB Education & Resource Development

ABERD is an organization specialising in knowledge and education research based  training for various competitive professional and academic platforms . It  has specialized in Career guidance and counselling for students for over 15 years.From its inception in 1994, by Mrs (Dr)  Anila Bhatara an eminent educationist having over 30 years of experience in education and research training ,it has steadily and progressively grown to become one of the most reputed organisations in the country for knowledge enhancement, learning, guidance counseling and aptitude testing. It has a very effective and unique approach of  assessment and monitoring that provides an enhanced knowledge based system  to successfully compete in the most rigorous and competitive exams in all academic and professional fields.

ABERD in association with CEDR (Centre for enhancement and development of resources) also develops product solutions and models for applications for various diverse  industries . Whether it is Aviation, shipping, hospitality engineering, infrastructure, power, petroleum or energy sectors, we develop specific sector based aptitude testing product solutions to assess and test aptitude of individual/s and provide profiling for corporate and  other organizations for suitability and reliability of individuals in the particular sector. It also caters to organizations and  companies for routine aptitude testing of their employees at all levels for pre-selection or pre-elevation.ABERD provides in depth profiling which assists  the management to take decisions with full information regarding aptitude and psychometric evaluations of the human resource available to them.