Psychometric Aptitude Testing

Discovering your talents

ABERD in association with CEDR provides Pyschometric Aptitude testing services for Government and coporate sectors. Specific models are designed for educational institutes, corporate clients and individuals. The organization also provides in depth profiling  and aptitude testing prior selection in various competitive professional organizations. Specialised services and solutions  are provided for custom tailored requirements of clients including calligraphy, handwriting analysis, etc. Pre-elevation and Pre-selection aptitude testing and in depth profiling services are also provided.

CEDR also provides optimization of resources in the corporate sector providing specialized product service solutions in various sectors.. Ranging from Port Management module training programs to maritime security training modules CEDR in association with its partners provides products and solutions at multi levels for shipping and maritime industry related resource development.

Be it infrastructure, aviation, shipping, petroleum or power sector, ABERD in association with CEDR also provides specialized product solutions for managing and optimizing human resources.