Career and Vocational Guidance

ABERD Guidance

In this day of ever increasing educational institutes and career options  available , the choice of the right career and the right insititute for the education that one wants to pursue has become of paramount importance. With many private institutes springing up everywhere, it is very important to be informed about a college or insitute’s credibility and credentials. It is very important to be informed about the prospects available in pursuing a particular stream of education more so as the cost of education is increasing by the day. Therefore it becomes more important that education provided is value for money.  

In earlier times, conventional careers like engineering, medical services, civil services etc were sought after,  but with the changing economic scenarios there are many careers with equal if not more opportunities of success. With the earning potential increasing in non conventional careers, more parents are encouraging their children to pursue such careers. We at ABERD( AB education and Resource Development) provide you with the options available in the career you want to pursue. In addition we also provide you with  aptitude testing that will give you what is your suitability in such a career. Many a students and parents have come to this organization confused about what career they want to pursue or what career they should advise their children and we have provided them  sequential and co-ordinated clarity in terms of the career options that they can choose from. We pride ourselves that all the students that have come to us have often written back to us thanking us for providing them with the right guidance. We have a list of endless students who are very successful professionals in their respective fields after opting for the career guided by us.

ABERD also conducts seminar and career guidance workshops for schools and organizations on a regular basis. Whether it is for students or parents the need for specialized guidance for the career of a child has become of paramount importance.

Private guidance counseling is conducted for individuals wherein a detailed aptitude test is administered.  

ABERD has also been approached  by many national organizations to conduct seminars for teachers and principals for their training.